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Make full use of the tips below to prevent lock and key issues of various kinds

  • Can I buy locksmith tools?

    No. Unless you’re a professional locksmith, security guard, mechanic or tow truck driver, you normally will not be able to purchase locksmith tools.

  • Change your locks if you see any signs of break-ins

    Even though no break-ins have happened yet, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect a break-in, have a lock change right away and make sure that the new lock is of high quality. Have it professionally installed for you to ensure quality.

  • Professional Installation of Locks

    Choosing a high quality lock could help prevent break-ins better than having a cheap, but low quality lock. The technicians from Locksmith in Aveley say that it’s equally important that locks are properly installed. No matter how high quality or expensive your door lock is, if it’s not installed correctly, it will not provide the protection that you’re after.

  • Clean locks with water and detergent

    You simply need to dissolve one teaspoon of powdered detergent into a glass of water and use a sponge to remove dirt from all exposed components of the door lockset. Do not pour the solution inside the lock. Use clean water and the same sponge for rinsing. Remember to dry all surfaces with soft lint-free cloth.

  • Carry the car key with you at all times

    This is a simple security rule which you need to follow. It is best to keep the key on a brightly coloured keychain so that the risk of leaving it on the car's dashboard is lower. Our specialists in Aveley recommend that you choose a special compartment for the key in your bag and keep it there only.

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