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Lock Options for Business Owners

05/06/2015 Back To Blog

Types of Commercial Locks

Usually used in commercial and domestic buildings, deadbolts are designed to reinforce front doors and come with two types of cylinders, single or double. For domestic needs traditional deadbolts are fine to be used, but for business establishments high security deadbolts are recommended. ThesLock Options for Business Ownerse are the types that are designed to work with steel door frames and made of hardened steel alloy. With a single cylinder deadbolt, only one key is used to lock one side, a twist knob then locks the other side while a double cylinder type uses two keys on both sides and instead of a twist knob.

The latter gives a higher level of protection than the former type. For commercial doors that do not really require protection against forced entry, the lever handle lock types can be used. For medium duty applications, a grade 2 commercial lever is enough to give the level of security needed.  This kind is widely used in hotels, offices, apartment buildings and heavy residential use, among others. Grade 1 commercial locks, on the other hand, are used in hospital, factories, schools, and other establishments.
Business owners with several employees that need to change locks in situations where employees who resign or are terminated from work forget to return the keys can use this type security application. With the services of a commercial locksmith, this concern can be resolved. By requesting a lock rekey, the core within the lockset can be changed without having to disassemble the lock itself. No changes will also be needed to be done to the actual door hardware. Interchangeable core (IC) cylinders make this possible. Moreover, this kind is upgradable in case the owner wants to increase the level of security.

Padlocks, on the other hand, come in different sizes and kinds as well as a variety of security features that can work with keys and combinations. A padlock also has a body, shackle, shroud and a locking mechanism. The body of a padlock covers the locking mechanism and most of the shackle. To prevent forced entry, it can be designed with a shroud. Another component is the shackle or bolt which is made from a hardened material such as steel that can be connected to a chain or a hasp. The locking mechanism which can use a key or works with a combination, keeps a potential intruder to enter the premises. This, though, is not as secure as deadbolts.

Business security is important to thrive in the industry and it is important to know your options. We, here at “Locksmith Aveley”, can help you with lock installation. We offer a variety of services from installing cam locks for filing cabinets and mailboxes to mortise locks and other lock types for your glass doors.

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