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Eliminate any confusion about locks and keys with the information available on this FAQ page

Get your problems solved by easily by visiting our comprehensive FAQ page. Our expert locksmiths have brought solutions to other people’s problems and recorded their exploits so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge. Visit our FAQs page today to learn more.

  • Why do locks fail?

    Most door locks consist of two major components - the cylinder and the locking mechanism. A broken mechanism is among the most common causes of lock failure. This component is very sensitive and can easily get damaged in case the door is slammed constantly. Cylinder failure is less common. In either case, when the problematic component is replaced, the lock will start working properly again.


  • The key broke in the lock. What do I do?

    If you see section of the key, extract it with the help of tweezers or pliers. The key must be in either the lock or unlock position in order to be pulled out. If it's not protruded, call Locksmith Aveley for assistance.

  • What is double cylinder deadbolt?

    This is a deadbolt which has key slots on both sides. In this way, the door can be locked from the inside as well as from the outside. This makes the locks more secure compared to their single cylinder counterparts which can be locked only from the outside and use a thumb mechanism for operation from the inside.

  • Why is the key not turning inside the lock?

    Our specialists in Aveley share that this issue is most often due to stuck lock. Sticking occurs due to lack of proper lubrication. If the lubrication of the lock and the application of graphite on the key with the use of a pencil do not help resolve the problem, repair will be required.

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