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An Overview of Mortice Locks

04/21/2015 Back To Blog

Mortice locks are less popular than cylinder locks, but they are used for varied purposes, especially in middle-class and upper-class homes as well as in commercial establishments. They require a pocket called the mortice that is usually cut into the door whereby the lock is fitted.Mortice Locks


There are several parts of a mortice lock. The body is installed in the interior of the cut-out in the door. The trim, which has a variety of designs, is another part for the personal touch. The strike plate reinforces the holes in the frame so the deadbolt or the latch can extend, and the keyed cylinder, which controls the locking/unlocking movement of the body.


The Best Lock for All Needs


Mortice locks are used in residential and commercial establishments because they are reliable and sturdy. Many businessmen and homeowners these days prefer big and bulky-looking locks to deter thieves and burglars. However, they are also suitable as interior locks, especially in the home or office where valuables are usually kept. They are also ideal for areas at home where much bigger possessions are stored, such as the garage and the attic.


There are various designs and colours on this lock type, but perhaps the choice will depend on the design and structure of the home. There are two different sizes, and for this reason, proper measurements should be done as well. There are two different sizes, so when purchasing mortice locks, it will be easier if measurements are already known.


When installing mortice locks, it is vital to seek assistance from a reliable company to ensure quality services. Trained locksmiths know exactly where to position the lock on the door, so as to provide not only aesthetic appeal, but also security in the property. They can also provide advice on maintenance and proper treatment to make the locks last longer.


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