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All about Lock Rekey

04/21/2015 Back To Blog

In case of lost house keys or serious lock damage or malfunctioning, most people would consider lock replacement directly. This may not be the only solution available in a situation like this, however. The primary alternative to replacement is rekeying. Find out how it works and what their benefits and drawbacks are.Lock Rekey


How the Solution Works


The lock rekey method involves the alternation of the internal configuration of the device. This is completed with the use of special techniques, purposefully designed tools, and the method does not involve the replacement of any of the lock components apart from the pins. When the configuration is changed, new keys will be needed for locking, and unlocking the door.


One of the main things to keep in mind is that not all door lock cylinders are suitable for rekeying. The method cannot be used on some older devices and on ones with highly specific designs. Additionally, devices, which have been severely damaged as a result of picking or another form of intervention, may not be in prime condition for rekeying.


In general, the purpose of home lock rekey is to restore the security of the house to its previous level. It is often preferred in case of lost or damaged keys especially when a lockout situation has to be resolved as quickly as possible. This method can also be used for break-in repair. Its main advantages include speed, effectiveness, and the fact it is cheaper compared to the replacement of the locking device.


Unlike lock replacement, however, rekeying cannot increase the level of security of the premises. This is its major drawback. When you have opted for replacement, readily select a more advanced and secure locking device which is more durable than its predecessor as well. You can opt for the most secure double cylinder deadbolt, for example. The investment will be larger, but certainly will pay itself off quickly and allow for higher premises security in the long term.


The specialists of our notable locksmith company in Aveley explain that in some cases rekeying may not be cost-efficient. If the existing device is seriously worn-out or greatly outdated, it may have to be replaced shortly after its configuration has been altered.


It is always best to consider the long-term effectiveness of the solution chosen.

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